This is the second exhibit for which Scott has been our featured artist and both are well deserved. Not only is Scott an accomplished digital artist and photographer, but he is an outstanding musician and composer. His Moby Dick symphony which is presented in Illuminate VII is an outstanding piece of work that Scott has dedicated an incredible amount of time to creating. Scott, we salute you!

Featuring Lars Sowig in Organics
Lars has been part of the team for a few releases now, and since joining he has never failed to impress us with his intricately detailed pieces, dedication to his work and to helping others and his all round friendly attitude!
Featuring Alastair Temple in Depth
Alastair is one of the founding members of The Luminarium and the only artist to have submitted and have accepted a piece to every one of our releases! We find out more about what makes him tick and why he keeps coming back for more.
Featuring Andrea Carecci in Silver
Andrea has been around the Luminarium for a few releases now, and has really broken through this time round. Always hard working and willing to listen and take on board advice he impressed everyone this time round with the improvement of his pieces. Well done Andrea!
Christian is already a big name in the online communities having been creating stunning science fiction vistas for a number of years now. Illuminate VI is also his 11th release with The Luminarium, throughout his time here he has constantly produced great artwork and insightful critique for our other artists.
Sebastian has been a dedicated member of The Luminarium's team for 10 releases now and in that time has developed from a up and coming space artist into a fully fledged Science Fiction master utilising a whole range of tools as well as joining the staff team.
For a few releases now, Jonathan Maurin aka Aeon-Lux showed us his ability to create masterpieces by mixing photo-manipulation and digital painting with so much dedication. With that, we are proud to feature Jonathan in Illuminate V!
Featuring Scott Stedman in Elements
Scott Stedman is a new member but long time fan of the group, in his short time with us his multi-disciplinary talents have made him a key part of the group.
For our 20th release we are celebrating the effort that has got us this far from our entire artist and staff group. We opened up the questions to the public, and here are our answers.
Maxime des Touches while relatively new to the group has thrown himself into everything we have done with great passion and dedication. Not only does he never fail to produce outstanding pieces of art but he drives on everyone within the group with his positive attitude and bags of encouragement.
Featuring Matthew Attard in Gaia
Matthew has been part of the Luminarium since our 4th exhibit, now 14 releases later he gets the feature he deserves for always producing unique artwork in his distinct style. His artwork is always high quality, normally full of unusual ideas and often with an added bit of humour, he is truly an asset to The Luminarium.
Kuldar is a relatively new artist within the group but he arrived full of potential producing some solid work in his first two Exhibits. However in Illuminate IV he has really come out with a bang and really stolen the show!
Our featured artist for our 16th exhibit has been with us for a few releases now and improving with everyone. It is sci-fi painter and photographer Stefan Veselinov.
Sequential's Feature is Finnian McManus! Check it out!
Featuring James Knowles in Energy
Energy's feature is James Knowles, AKA GrungeTV has been with us for several years now, and has produced some of the most interesting 3D work in our community.
Featuring David Bixler in A Soldier
This exhibit is in honor of you, David. We hope and pray for a quick recovery for you and your family.
One of the "Old Guard", Glenn has been using Photoshop since version 3.0 and has come a long way since then! His consistent (and improving) quality and dedication mean he is more than worthy of this feature.
With all this music released in our exhibit, we could but only feature one of our most loyal music artists! Joe Greene has been with The Luminarium for a while now and has showed dedication and talent through multiple releases. Enjoy this interview with 'Clyde Machine'!
Featuring Jorik Dozy in Legendary
Jorik Dozy, the founder of The Luminarium, has contributed several pieces over the course of our last ten exhibits, so we thought now would be a good time to feature his work!
In this exhibit Jack has really shown what a great photographer he is. With a real photographers eye and being unafraid to experiment he has produced a range of fantastic photographs.
Featuring Chris Cold in Genesis
Chris has only been with us for a short time, and has shown his dedication to the group in genesis. We believe that he deserves a feature. Please welcome Chris Cold.
Featuring Sean Cruz in Reverie
Sean is a unique artist, both amongst the Luminarium and his peers. With a colorful and abstract approach to traditional art and a great eye for macro photography his work really stands out.
Featuring Adam Burn in Illuminate
It wasn't going to be long before we had to feature Adam Burn, one of DeviantArt's fastest growing artists both in popularity and skill. For Illuminate Adam created some very impressive work earning him the right to be featured. Enjoy.
Our 5th exhibit, which has seen the group expand and improve in many areas, The 5th Dimension features Bobby Myers we have seen him improve alot since he joined The Luminarium and we want to share this amazing artist with you.
Our 4th exhibit, an exhibit that has really changed the group, Prismatic features Lev Savitskiy and we would like nothing more then to show his talent and dedication with a feature in what we would like to think as our best exhibit.
Featuring Ed Lopez in Progression
As our 3rd exhibit goes live, we had to feature one of our more talented artists. Ed Lopez is this exhibits pick. His dedication and hard work pays off as can be seen by his work done for this Exhibit. His work is well refined and polished and filled with great detail.
Featuring Star.One in Transcendence
TheLuminarium is honored to show Star.One as our first feature as he has proved to be a very dedicated and talented artists. He has not only shown a level of design in which we enjoy but has a unique style to offer to our group.
Featuring --- in Dawn