Featured Artist: Luminarium Team
For our 20th release we are celebrating the effort that has got us this far from our entire artist and staff group. We opened up the questions to the ...
Exhibit Info:
The Luminarium is proud to present our 20th exhibit Adventure! It is quite a milestone for us and we are glad to share with you what is our biggest, and quite possibly best, release yet. Adventure explores that inner curiosity that drives so much of humanities achievements. That desire to know what is over the horizon, what is beyond the next turn. The Luminarium has been quite an adventure for many of us over the course of our 20 releases and long may it continue into the future. Adventure holds over 50 pieces of artwork and music, with pieces from old hands like Glenn Clovis, Chris Cold and Alex Fralin, some outstanding work from Kuldar Leement as well as some notable debut's from Erik Schumacher, Anna Hollinrake, Matthias Utomo, Jakob Hansson and Scott Steadman. Come and Join us on our Adventure.