Kuldar is a relatively new artist within the group but he arrived full of potential producing some solid work in his first two Exhibits. However in Illuminate IV he has really come out with a bang and really stolen the show!

Lum:Firstly I would like to congratulate you on becoming our latest featured artist, how does it feel to be featured?

Kuldar:I’m very proud to be featured artist, I think it’s a very big honour for me to be in the Luminarium and just being selected to be featured artist here is really like a next step for me. I’m really happy about it and I appreciate it very much!

Lum: WWhy don't you tell us a little background about yourself? Hobbies, interesting facts?

Kuldar: Hmm, I’m always inspired by my uncle who has lot of ideas and very sharp drawing skills. So I started to copy him. I was like 5 or 6 year-old and when I had my very first drawing lesson, my teacher was impressed. I was already a small step ahead from others. I also won some competitions, so it gave me even more confidence to continue my work. Of course all my work was done with pencils and I think it’s necessary to do work with traditional tool too. Digital paintings and all this equipment really gave me my “freedom”. I’m self-taught digital-painter, my technical drawing education has helped me a lot, but my knowledge really went up when I started learning in art school. So, in terms of hobbies, I really like cycling, I have a road bike and I have used to ride like 5000km every summer – this is my hobby, and a good way to collect ideas.

Lum: Without much of an artistic background, and entering the digital-art scene relatively late what was it that got you interested in digital art originally?

Kuldar: Like I said before, it’s “freedom” if you can say so. I feel I can express myself and my ideas faster if I use digital media. Of course I still use pencil for sketching and training.

Lum: You have been producing a lot of really high quality artworks recently, any insights into your process you would like to share?

Kuldar: Currently I don’t have any serious works, but I have a lot of sketches. Sometimes I think that if I open Photoshop and I have made so many layers, so I have to make a folder to group different parts – then it’s usually starting point for bigger works and I know it’s going to work in some way. Work in progress can be really transforming to my original sketch. Like hillside can turn into planet etc. But currently I don’t have anything special to share.

Lum: Do you have a favourite piece of artwork which always blows your mind? And what is the favourite piece you have produced yourself?

Kuldar: This is hard question. I usually like artist and their work. Lately I have started to like more traditional paintings – I even try to figure out how to pass on that feeling to my works. So currently I have only sketches. But if you would like the example then it will be Albert Bierstadt “Storm In The Mountains”. But if I have to choose from my works then I think it’s my new work “Giants graveyard”. I spend some hours with it and I learned a lot from it. I usually value knowledge what I get while working on a piece.

Lum: Striving for improvement is something that is a good sign in an artist, a feeling that they can always do better. If you keep this up, where do you think you will be in 10 years time?

Kuldar: Don’t know, working has always been my personal self-transcendence. I have currently some other really big projects which will really affect my future, but I hope to be better artist who creates something beautiful for watchers' eyes

Lum: IOnwards and to the future, and on that note I'm afraid this is the end of the interview, it's been good fun. Any last words for the readers?

Kuldar: Thanks for the feature, I really appreciate it mates! Be cool and eat ice cream.