Featured Artist: sowig
Lars has been part of the team for a few releases now, and since joining he has never failed to impress us with his intricately detailed pieces, dedic...
Exhibit Info:
Our biological organics afford reproduction. Mankind can make both new forms that breathe, but we can also envision something that breathes. Therefore, to breathe life in our work, we decided that the theme for our 27th exhibition should be 'ORGANICS'.

Organic is a word with many a definition, but it mostly relates to the most important thing we all carry with us; life. In technical terms, organic defines an ability to respond to stimulants, reproduction and growth, amongst others. Our artists have taken their skills to the limit yet again to bring you our most diverse pack yet. With every piece showing a vastly different aspect of life, we think we have covered a great deal of the spectrum 'organic' defines. From the life that grows on our fine planet, to the theoretical lifeforms that may be inhabiting other galaxies. The result is stunning.

For this exhibition we decided to highlight Lars Sowig. Time and time again he proved himself as an incredible artist and a good friend to all, so we we didn't have much difficulty in deciding on this Lastly, we like to thank you all for the great response we had on 'DEPTH' and hope this exhibition will impress you once again. Sit back and enjoy 'ORGANICS'!

The Luminarium Staff