Our 4th exhibit, an exhibit that has really changed the group, Prismatic features Lev Savitskiy and we would like nothing more then to show his talent and dedication with a feature in what we would like to think as our best exhibit.

Hello Lev, Give us a brief Bio of yourself

Lev: I was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1986. At the age of 13 my brother presented me a film camera, since then I've been taking photos. Almost at the same time I've started to master Photoshop. I never read any tutorials, I just clicked everything and saw what happened. At the age of 16 I entered the Biological faculty and now I'm a Master of Genetics, now I am working on my PhD in Sweden

Lum: A PhD, so your a brain box too? How do you find enough time to produce such quality works?

Lev: I had to think of a future job to do and the possibility of getting a Nobel Prize is very appealing to me. While art and photography is a hobby for me. I think there should always be some time for things you enjoy. And honestly scientific work doesn't require to much time.

Lum: says: Yea, well as long as you are doing what makes you happy, And it seems like you are. Where do you get your inspiration from and how does it effect your work?

Lev: Most of my first inspirations were from other peoples work, mostly the best artists in the area - best place to be inspired and to learn. Not only is art inspiration but the idea of making money can be a real inspiration as I have had requests from magazines. Also I get inspired by music and some fun clips.

Lum: Speaking of other artists you look up to, is there any specific people you can point us towards?

Lev: That's a tough question because my list is rather large. You can just look at my watched artists on DA and get the idea. But I want to point out at least two people that helped me get into the space scene - Gucken and Taenaron. They were and still are my mentors. I should thank them for giving me the pleasure to work on space scenes.

Lum: That's great, two of our best artists, we are glad to know them as well. You said you started in the art direction at 13 years old, how has it effected your life since then?

Lev: I now have an awesome hobby. Painting is something to test my skills and gain knowledge in composition and other areas of art. While with photography I usually have to go out to some deserted places and I have to walk sometimes up to 15 km to get to a nice place. And I like to spend time in the fresh air away from a civilization quite a lot. So you can say that art has had a great impact on me. I think I've started to perceive the world a bit differently since then.

Lum: Well you certainly have plenty of skills in both these areas do you have any tips you would like to share?

Lev: Watch works of people that are best in the area and read tutorials - you will save a tremendous amount of time! Try to copy their works (dont rip), the closer you get the more you'll understand, the more you understand the better you'll become. And eventually you'll find your own style.

Lum: Yes those are good things to follow by, We enjoy having you in our group, your activity shows for a lot with us, How has The Luminarium effected you?

Lev: I remember the first time I was asked by Akajork to enter the group and I asked him:"Why should I?". He said:"We will help newbies get into the area by sharing our knowledge". I could never imagine the group would evolve that fast. I'm really proud to be a member of The Luminarium group and it also pushes me to make more art and get it as better as I can.

Lum: Where do you see yourself and The Luminarium going in the future?

Lev: Obviously it will grow and evolve further. I see lots of unique and helpful tutorials in the future made by the Luminarium artist's. I'm sure very soon the Luminarium will be recognized for it's great quality packs and a place where best of the best artists gather to give and get dead on critique.

Lum: Tell us a bit about the piece you did that was used in the teaser, what techniques did you use and what was the inspiration?

Lev: Long ago I saw a piece on DA where there was a candle with water splash instead of a fire. I don't remember the artist but the idea stuck in my mind. About half year ago I've came up with idea to make a flower out of water splashes. I even did a little sketch but then I dropped the idea due to a lack of nice stock photos. For all those months I've been looking over the Internet to find some stock photos until one day I've decided to make everything by myself. I shot something like 200 photos in my bathroom and then stitched the best moments together in photoshop. The person was then photographer separately. It turned out to be easier than I imagined but I'm very satisfied by the outcome.

Lum: yes the final result is quite amazing! Did you take any photograph lessons or are you a self taught photographer?

Lev: I'm 80% self taught. I've started reading tutorials only a year ago and I don't do that as much as I should be, honestly. But I think that by watching other people's work you actually get a chance to peek on their experience.

Lum: Thats impressive, Your work stands out above a lot of our artists, and that is why you were chosen as our feature of this amazing exhibit, We are so proud to have you and that alone is something not many can say, Your work is not only inspiring but intriguing and unique. Its been great talking with you, are their any last things you would like to say?

Lev: I was flattered that I was chosen as a featured artist of this pack and I hope I did my best to affirm the groups choice and I wish all the artists endless inspiration and lots of high quality and unique works!