Featuring Star.One in Transcendence
TheLuminarium is honored to show Star.One as our first feature as he has proved to be a very dedicated and talented artists. He has not only shown a level of design in which we enjoy but has a unique style to offer to our group.

Lum: Describe shortly how you got into art.

Star.one: Well first off I started art when my dad installed photoshop on my PC. It was mostly small signatures at first. Now I’ve started doing space scape's, matte paintings and webdesign.

Lum: Do you wish to achieve anything with your artwork?

Star.one: I want to make people think outside the box. explore the world they’re in and not just live in it. Let your imagination run wild!

Lum: Yes imagination is very important. What inrpires you?

Star.one: Nothing in particular. It can be music, people I see on the streets, weather, life, etc. Just life itself!

Lum: What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Star.one: My biggest accomplishment, I think it would be the The Norm piece I did. The landscape in it was the first that I made myself and I'm pretty proud of that. Just making it in The Luminarium also means a lot to me.

Lum: You have any tips for your fellow artists?

Star.one: I do use a lot of tutorials since I still have much to learn. I hope I’ll never stop learning. so my advice would be; just keep reading and looking at as much art as possible. Keep your eyes open to everything and get overwhelmed by life really.

Lum: What do you think so far of TheLuminarium?

Star.one: I think it’s an awesome group! All the artists are real friendly and helpfull. I feel that I’ve grown al lot thanks to the Luminarium. Special thanks to the great staff on the forum for always helping me out!