Asylum Released
The Luminarium Presents our 16th Exhibit: Asylum. Escape...we long for it. We long to just run away from the insanity of this world-from reality itself. We seek asylum in the darkness, in the safe havens, in the deep, and the beyond. We cover ourselves from persecution, seeking to destroy our being....
Illuminate III: Released
Illuminate III is the continuation of the Illumination series that entails open-ended ideas and the exploration of freestyles. In this Illuminate exhibit, our artists explore the power of light and dark; the artists venture towards the fathomless appeal that light and dark brings to reality. It is w...
Illuminate II: Almost here!
The Luminarium is proud to announce that our new freestyle exhibit is almost here! One of our biggest exhibits yet will be arriving within a few days! Get ready!

Exhibit 11: Illuminate II
The Luminarium is proud to release it's eleventh exhibit: Illuminate II! This is our 3rd freestyle exhibit and never has the work been this diverse. With 11(!) musical pieces this also marks the biggest audio contribution to one of our exhibits to date. Illuminate II therefore features o...
Twitter Competition
Twitter Competition!

Hey everyone,

We are running a competition for you to design our Twitter page background. You can see the rules here:

The Luminarium is on Facebook!
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Lum Administration....
The Luminarium #9: We Are Dust And Shadow
The Luminarium is proud to give you our 9th exhibit We are Dust and Shadow. We decided to take ourselves outside of our comfort zone and use a theme that was a little different to what most of us are used to working with. While this has ...
We Have a DA Super Group
Our status on DA has changed from an Infomational Page to a Super Group! All the artists should go there and join as artists and any of our faithul members can join as members to show some support!

Check out our DeviantArt group here:
New Staff: Welcome Somni!
Good News! The Luminarium Team would like to welcome Somni to our administration as our new Admission officer! Now that we have released V3 we are being flooded with new artist applications and needed some more help, so here came Somni to save the day! Somni has been with us for a while ...
Genesis Exhibit VIII
Finally! It is here. After months of hard work I am proud to say that we can release all our new content on the planned date! But, more importantly, I am proud at my team of artists and administrators for their amazing collaborative efforts to make all of this happen. Therefore I would like ...