Featuring Andrea Carecci in Silver
Andrea has been around the Luminarium for a few releases now, and has really broken through this time round. Always hard working and willing to listen and take on board advice he impressed everyone this time round with the improvement of his pieces. Well done Andrea!

Lum: Hi Andrea, aka Magic Fox, and congratulations on being the featured artist of The Luminarium’s Silver Anniversary! Were you surprised to hear you are the featured artist of this milestone?

Andrea:Yes, I am very surprised to be the featured artist. There are many artists in the Luminarium who have much more experience and skills than me, and it's a long time since I was of help for an exhibitions, so for me this is a big surprise.

Lum: Haha alright, Andrea. Tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you do outside of creating artworks, for instance?

Andrea: I study construction engineering - architecture at the University of Bologna. I'm a fan of all forms of art and in my free time I draw or play video games and board games. I like the types of games with beautiful designs and atmosphere, but when I just want to have fun I play FPS games [First Person Shooters]. I am a very competitive person.

Lum: You’ve been a member of the Luminarium for quite a while now. Have you always been interested in making art with a collective? When did it all started for you?

Andrea: wanted to be part of a collective, because I wanted to test myself in different situations. In the beginning I could not quite do this my way, because of the commitments of the university and my laziness. But now I'm very motivated to continue, and also direct my creativity in larger projects, even if only to help. A collective is also a way to share my ideas, so they don’t just stay for me only.

Lum:Sounds good! Talking about the Luminarium: do you have any favorite artist within the group? Someone you look up to or get a lot of inspiration from?

Andrea: This is a difficult question. There are a lot of talented artists, but if I really do have to say one that drives me crazy, it is Kuldar Leement. I really like his technique and his color palette. I sure would like one of his work in my room!

Lum: Let’s talk about your artworks for this pack. You’ve made four splendid pieces! Can you tell us a bit more about the progress behind ‘Back Home’?

Andrea: ‘Back home’ is a photomanipulation I had in mind for a long time and I found this the perfect opportunity to do so. In the beginning I think it was not great and I did not have much desire to change it. I did not understand what was wrong. The piece had many problems of composition that I could not resolve, but thanks to the help of my mates at the Luminarium I found the will to correct it. I have yet to find a method to my approach in this work, because I don’t have much experience. I have learned many techniques and ways to conceptualize in these last days. In fact, this artpack helped me a lot to improve myself.

Lum: That’s good to hear. What is your favorite submission of the pack, and why?

Andrea: I prefer TITAN L30P By Evade. I do not know how he made it, and I think a 3d oriented piece is really cool. It gives me that feeling of ancient and primitive times. This is the type of work that emotionally strikes me most precisely. I find the effects in postproduction simple, but well chosen.

Lum: The theme for this pack is Silver, because it’s the Luminarium’s ‘silver anniversary’. Where did you drew your inspiration from when thinking about concepts for your pieces?

Andrea: For 3 out of 4 from my work I wanted a subject that would link the silver theme to something we do not expect that is silver: like a flower, a precious flower. I also wanted to join the three works with a thread, a story that spoke of this flower, and to be left to the imagination. In fact, in addition to the flower there is another common element in all three works. For the fourth work ‘Silverweb’, the spider web is wet with dew but it gives the impression of strength and endurance. For this reason I created the forms that rise upward.

Lum: A lot of your stuff seems sci-fi inspired. Is that something you are mostly interested in and does it fit your style? Or is that just because the theme affords such a style?

Andrea: I like sci-fi, but I do not think that this would be a description of my style. I am still at that stage where I'm experimenting with different styles and techniques. I still do not know what style I want to get, and I’ll probably return to my initial surreal style, though not soon.

Lum: Do you have any advice for the ones watching this artpack and wondering how you got to this place you’re now at?

Andrea: My advice would be to get more ‘into the game’ and not to be afraid of not being able to do something, but to always try and push yourself to the limit. It’s only when you're at the limit that the best ideas are born ... and try try try and try again, only practice makes us better.

Lum: That’s sound advice! Finally, do you have any last things to say?

Andrea: I would like to thank all members of Luminarium for help and for the patience you had with me. Especially your patience now in correcting all the errors of grammar and syntax in my interview ;).

Lum: Alright, thank you Andrea, it was a pleasure talking to you. And again, congratulations on being the featured artist of the Luminarium’s 25th artpack, ‘Silver’.

Andrea: Thanks to you mate, I am happy and proud of it!