And so we are 28 exhibits in! It has been some journey to this point for all of us involved with some slower periods and some equally brilliant moments along the way. With our latest release it is no different, it may have taken a little longer than we would have liked to produce... but boy was it worth the wait. If you don't do anything else this week, take a listen to Scott Stedman's Moby Dick symphony or loose yourself in the visuals created by our artists. The Luminarium presents to you Illuminate VII.

This is the second exhibit for which Scott has been our featured artist and both are well deserved. Not only is Scott an accomplished digital artist a...

The Luminarium is proud to present a partnership with Telikos Protocol! Telikos Protocol is a new epic sci-fi graphic novel series produced by Lum Artist Adam Burn and writer Peter Cooper. Several Lum artists have had the oportunity to create pieces that will be used in upcoming issues. Read more

The Luminarium is a modern international art group with talented artists in both the digital and traditional realm from all over the world. Pursuing originality and creativity, our group focuses on creating online art exhibits for anyone to enjoy and experience.

The group releases a new exhibit every 2 to 4 months, providing fresh and inspiring content on a regular basis. Every release carries a different theme for the artists to interpret, pushing them to illustrate and visualize their unique views on the subject creating organic and exciting exhibits.

All of our artists are either invited to join our ranks or accepted through an admission process which anyone can apply for.

Next to our exhibits, The Luminarium provides a strong community that offers resources, tutorials, social and critique areas for the masses. Be sure to register on the forums and join our growing community.

Asylum Released
The Luminarium Presents our 16th Exhibit: Asylum. Escape...we long for it. We long to just run away from the insanity of this world-from reality itself. We seek asylum in the darkness, in the safe havens, in the deep, and the beyond. We cover ourselv...

Born in '96. He likes art; music; literature; architecture; science and to day dream.