The Luminarium Partners With Telikos Protocol

Telikos Protocol is a new epic sci-fi graphic novel series produced by Lum Artist Adam Burn and writer Peter Cooper, more info can be found on the Facebook page. The project is 2 years in and released it’s first issue last October, releasing it at the New York Comic Con and then at the London MCM Expo and various other cons. They have a publisher on board called Vanquish Interactive who, while being new to comics, have close ties with the films industry in LA. As such TP are in talks with multiple studios regarding the film rights. TP released a Kickstarter program to raise funds to support the printing of the first 3 issues and aimed for $9,500. Over the course of 30 days, we raised over $50,000 and are the highest funded début comic project on Kickstarter.

Since the issue one release we have had many outstanding reviews including ones from SFX magazine and Bleeding Cool.

The project is planned for 9 issues each one roughly 48-50 pages in length and every 3 issue we release a Volume. Each volume also includes extra concept artwork from the project, extra details and invitational artwork. Already confirmed to have artwork in the first volume are Kai Lim, Andree Wallin. Alongside those will be an additional artist from Kai Lim's art production company Imaginary Friends and some artwork from our artists here at The Luminarium!

Read on to find out more about the project as well as see the artwork from our artists.

Earth. 2294.

In the wake of ecological and environmental disaster, humanity stands on the brink of extinction, the world the human race have resided on dying all around them. Struggling to find answers, humanity looks out to the stars for their continued survival, not realising that their last hope could turn out to be their greatest enemy.

The Luminarium Contributions


By: Kuldar

Earth Guardians

By: Elf
Orbital Guns that sit around Earth in Telikos Protocol

Down Town

By: Shue13
This is downtown from Protocol Telikos main city. Massive hubs and suffocating atmosphere.


By: Jcbarquet


By: Kuldar& Smiling-Demon
Orbital Guns that sit around Earth in Telikos Protocol

The Core - Administration Level

By: Tigaer
In the prelude I read about megacities. You know I'm a fan of these. These cities are structured into different levels that have different purposes. I tried myself on creating a tiny glimpse into the upper class administration levels. A clean and nicely designed environment.

The Machinery of Death

By: Kuldar


By: Jk3y


By: Maxime Des TOUCHES
The power plant level, the lowest one of The Core city. An airship flying through the fusion reactors to avoid being detected by the enemy. No choice... this the only way.

Find out more, including how to get your hands on copies of Telikos Protocol’s first Volume on their facebook page. All artwork where not otherwise stated by Adam Burn (all rights reserved). Music by Scott Stedman (all rights reserved).