Arcady's Epiphany By: Tigaer
Arcady, very early on, showed a huge fascination with all kinds of adventure stories. The traditional heroes and their bold undertakings to rescue a damsel in distress. Soon enough she started to think about becoming an author herself. "Someday, when I'm grown up!" She used to say. On her 12th birthday morning, her father decided to take her out into the field. Arcady had no idea what her father had in mind, but she saw him smile, with his eyes shine bright like a star. "A place that always made me imagine my own adventures!", he said. "Something inspirational!\" Arcady could not resist, smiled at her dad and made herself ready for the trip. A quick breakfast along with some words Arcady will never forget, when her dad said, "Time to write your own stories darling!". The short little snippet of story is inspired by a character in Isaac Asimovs's 'Foundation' books. Picture created with Xenodream, Vue and Photoshop.