Sweet deliverance into the abyss. By: JB-Gordon
Well, I'm damn lucky. I come back from Switzerland today, and I thought I'll see the artpack released, and so can not post new music. But I still worked hard during this week in the mountains, hoping to post it anyway, and now I can. It is music in the same style as the first, "Ants eating a brain", dark ambient, but a little longer. I thought of a man, dragged into a kind of laboratory to undergo experiences (imagine as the Nazis did). It is then electrocuted, one died very painful, unsustainable. Then he died, represented here by a drowning in the bottom of the ocean. It passes through several stages, more sequences, to finally reach a kind of bright paradise and happy. I worked in both the sequences between the contrast between the first part of music and second, or both media are different. But in the second part too, where the man drown through different worlds. Finally, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the long text, but I think that will explain my ideas is important to understan

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