The Reckoning (Mvmt. 1) - Ripples In An Obsidian Ocean By: ScottStedman
The Reckoning is a programmatic symphony that follows the story of a dystopian society in a post-apocalyptic Earth, ruled by a corrupted government and ultimately toppled by the actions of one boy who inadvertently exposes the actions of higher powers. Except... this story doesn't actually exist. My intent with this symphony is to give this brief synopsis and then, quite literally, leave the rest of the story up to the imagination of each individual listener. The titles of the respective movements are meant to provide a basic guide as to where the storyline should lead, but the story itself should be pieced together differently for each listener depending on how each one chooses to interpret the individual elements provided. Movement 1: Ripples In An Obsidian Ocean Movement 2: You Will All Be Free Movement 3: Elysium and the Martyr

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