The Dark Side of the Mind

Keeper of the Grail By: Kaioshen
When I was a boy I heard a story about a wizard. This was not any ordinary wizard who used his power for himself, but for everyone. He was given his power by nature itself when there was no hope for its own survival as one last act for all of humanity to live as it has lived, in peace. The wizard did his job without reason as it was his duty; him and nature lived in harmony for thousands of years. One day the wizard asked a question to his makers why he was chosen instead of someone greater, why he was given this power and why, if he had so much power, did he have to obey them. Nature saw what the power had changed the wizard into; something dark had taken hold of him. As nature decided his time had come to an end, they sought to take the power back from the wizard. The wizard became furious and struck back with vengeance. He claimed he would not stop until all had been destroyed on the world he had protected for so long. To this day, the world remains unbalanced. A fight between tw