Monument of a Broken Dream By: aRchAng3lZz
Locked. This was not the first time he was in this place, though it had rarely been in such detail that he studied his surroundings. It was his own imagination that drew the chains which held him. Time did not matter much here, neither did logic, but there was still a part of him that counted away the darkness. It wasn't an easy road that led him here. Not at all. His quest was really one of seeking a sign, any sign, to indicate all was not blackness as far as the mind can see. He could've given up, maybe he even had, but then it happened - there it was - just beyond the horizon, just on the line of making you doubt if it was really there, or if it was just another mirage, as the void had a way of taunting the lost souls seeking direction. He had been walking alone for a while now, and the dim red light in the distance was all he needed to set his gaze upon a certain direction instead of wandering aimlessly. He's closer now, stopped for a rest just before reaching it. He needed s