Illuminate #3

Nagual-Tonal By: --M--
Somebody asked me to work in this concept that is one of my favorite in the Carlos castaneda books. As it's hard for me to search and translate the concept in the books i tried to found a good explanation through internet and is very hard to find one but i think that this may be an acceptable one. "In the worldview of Don Juan Matus's (Carlos Castaneda books), reality is seen as multi-dimensional, multi-faceted reality that under ordinary circumstances human beings only perceive in part; the known part of reality with which humans are familiar is called the Tonal. The spiritual Nagual is that dimension of reality for which we are not conscious but is in fact constitutes the greater part of reality. Here the Nagual bears some resemblance to the psychoanalytic concept of the unconscious. It has also been said that the Nagual is all that is, and that it condenses to form the Tonal. The Nagual and the Tonal as dual aspects of reality and being such are perceived either through the First