Illuminate #2

Old Harbour Lights By: Shaun Douglas
This is an old fashioned (pre 1950s) style pop song. Everything is recorded straight to 8 track, with no added samples, click tracks, or editing. My main objective in creating this was to convey the charm of the story into the recording style. Therefore the lo-fi quality and subtle imperfections end up lending themselves well to the finished product. The song relies on the story being revealed by the two characters. The male and female begin separated, singing differing melodies (effectively two independent songs). The important correlation that occrus is between the two figures realising their love, and the two songs coming together. The suggestion is that as the melodies fold into each other, so too do the feelings of the two characters. I played all the instruments on this track (ukuele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide), and my friend Frankie helps out with the female vocal track.

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