Illuminate #2

Bang-utot By: Dode
Note: Bang-utot, literally, "attempting to get up and groaning..." Death occuring in the course of a nightmare. Careful autopsies of Bang-utot victims have revealed no organic reason for death. There are often signs of strangulation [caused by what?]; sometimes slight hemorrhages of pancreas and lungs - not sufficient to cause death and also of unknown origin... One man who recovered said that "a little man" was sitting on his chest and strangling him. I chose the name 'Bang-utot' because I once fell asleep with a rough early demo of this song on repeat and ended up having a horrible nightmare. My mate then tried the same thing and also had a nightmare. In recognition of this, I've attempted to re-create a warm melancholic, slightly bittersweet and nostalgic feeling lurk under the surface.

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