Heartless By: Nirvaluce
Test # 32. Nevada, November 2014. 10:05 AM. Participants had to choose between staying safe and sound within the facility and refuse their freedom or drink a serum that could either have severe consequences or be the ticket to freedom if no change occurred but they still took the risk & drank the content of the vial. The other participants looked lifeless and some have been through these experiments several times before; they always play it safe and thus ensure their survival. New guys kept coming in each time, Experiment TM01 was that new guy, just another guy, and nobody knew he was even missing. The first vial held a liquid that would have a null effect; it was labeled ‘’Void’’. You are alive but in captivity. The second one was labeled ‘’Freedom?”. The interrogation mark sparked a glimmer of hope in TM01’s eyes. Experiment TM01 was the only participant to drink the “Freedom?” vial. He instantly froze; his skin crystallized and developed a silver shade… Subject was pr